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Visits from donor representative/Disability Fund grantee

Visits to partners by grantee staff (or by Disabled Peoples Organisations – Denmark) should include counselling and controlling in the financial area. It is important to stress that honesty is more important than excellence and that no organisation is expected to operate completely flawless, but that every organisation is expected to cooperate with honesty as a central value in their financial management.

To support this, keywords could be:

Before travelling:

  • Former travel report, mail correspondance and other items indicating points for follow-up
  • List of fulfilment of demands, deadlines etc.

During visit:

  • Manuals, updated, approved, published and followed?
  • Print-out of total balance sheet and project balance sheet
  • Cash count/bank reconciliation, e.g. last three months – Frequency? Documentation/filing?
  • Request of transfers, approval procedures, funds in transit time gap
  • Purchase procedures, Cheque/payment procedures
  • Fixed Asset register (investments)
  • Evaluation and review of debtors and their ageing
  • Budget follow-up, internal/approved budgets
  • Institutional core costs vs. activity costs
  • Liquidity budget/cash management
  • Future project cooperation: risk management, partner development