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Visits from the grantor Disabled Peoples Organisations - Denmark

Responsibility of financial monitoring is placed at grantee of the Disability Fund grant. However, it is of DANIDA imposed the grantor (Disabled Peoples Organisations – Denmark) to ensure that member organizations and their partners have a management and control of the transferred funds that are happening in a proper and safe manner.

Based on a risk assessment unfold this supervisory duties from the following thresholds:

DANIDA authorized grants above 5 million DKK will necessitate a financial supervision visit soon after the grant was awarded, not later than six months after implementation start. If another trip in the area / region carried out immediately before the expected approval, a visit at this point can replace.

The purpose of this initial visit is focused on executing partner's financial capacity in order to partly on-site advice and partly on follow-up items to grantee.

Furthermore, a follow-up visit six to 12 months before the expected project completion may be conducted to ensure adequacy between programmatic and financial thrust for facilitation of the final report.

Grants above  2,000,000 DKK and below 5 million DKK will necessitate financial supervision at least once in the lifetime of the project, focusing as described above, taking into account the time of the visit.

Grants below 2 million DKK financial supervision will be carried out to an extent that is dependent on other travel activity in the area / region.

All monitoring missions shall be organized with due regard to the economic efficiency of the resources.