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Budget changes

There is often a need to make one or more changes to the budget during a project or program. A budget change is based on the most recently approved budget (which may be the originally applied budget, or a later revised budget approved by DH).

A prior approval from DH of budget changes is applicable if there is:

  • Significant changes in the purpose, content or the approach in the project.
  • Changes over 10 % of the main budget line from which the expense is moved from and to.
  • Changes in salary budget lines.

Budget changes that require approval should always be approved before the expenses are held. Minor deviations between main budget lines (changes below 10% on budget lines that are not salary costs) or deviations between sub budget lines within the same main budget line are accepted without prior approval. However, such deviations should be mentioned in the first status report or in the final report.

A request for a budget change should be directed at the relevant advisor. The advisor will ensure that the request for the budget change is well founded, that the budget changes are well described and that the budget changes do not change the overall strategy and objectives of the project.

Only in case of fundamental or substantive changes, a budget change would pass one of the grant consultants; for example if the budget changes causes a major change that will require a revised assessment of the application.