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In order to observe the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct, all reports of suspected cases of fraud and corruption are to be treated seriously and in confidence. All Staff and expatriate personnel of member and partner organisations or DPOD, who report suspected cases of fraud and corruption in good faith, are guaranteed confidentiality by DPOD.

Furthermore, should the suspicion prove invalid, no action will be taken by DPOD or partners against the informer, as all individuals should be encouraged to report on irregularities without any fear of retribution.

However, in cases of deliberately false and malicious allegations of fraud and corruption against member or partner organisations or particular staff members, without any substantiating evidence, DPOD will inform the partner in question and the involved parties will be asked to comment on the allegation. The partner must decide what actions should be taken against persons making clearly unfounded allegations.

DPOD will act on all allegations of fraud and corruption. If anonymity is requested, DPOD will respect this, if the reason for this wish is indicated together with submission of evidence or indications of the alleged fraud or corruption.