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Possible actions

Possible actions to be taken in such cases as mentioned above will be decided in consultation with the member and partner organisations involved and DPOD; and, if relevant, in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in consideration of the following:

  • (a) The specific context of the case.
  • (b) The level of fraud and corruption or misuse of funds and serious irregularities in question.
  • (c) The will, determination and result of efforts on behalf of member and partner organisations involved to rectify evident misuse of funds and assets.

In the case of fraud, corruption, misuse of funds and assets and serious irregularities the partner organisation involved is expected to:

  • (a) Try to recover losses incurred with great effort and determination by means of appropriate internal disciplinary or civil and legal steps.
  • (b) Take appropriate action as deemed necessary and without delay to prevent similar incidences and cases in the future, such as tightening internal procedures in order to avoid similar cases.
  • (c) Take appropriate measures to rectify the situation without delay and ensure future cost-effective and efficient use of available financial, material and human resources.
  • (d) Cease cooperation and dealing with the involved parties (individuals, suppliers, partners).

If a partner organisation fails to inform the Danish member organisation and DPOD about such cases immediately, or does not within a reasonable time period take appropriate action, and/or deliberately tries to conceal such cases in violation of the project or funding agreement, DPOD will take the following steps:

  • (a) Disbursements to the project or activity in question will be suspended, possibly along with DPOD’s financing of other development project and activities of the partner organisation.
  • (b) Applications to DPOD for funding of new development projects and activities may be put on hold, until the leadership of the responsible partner organisation has intervened and taken the necessary actions to re-establish accountable management; and proved that the new leadership and management are trustworthy.

The same rules, procedures, regulations and sanctions will, of course, also apply if fraud, corruption etc. is suspected or proved to have taken place in Danish member organisations or in DPOD.